About US


Our vision and mission

We believe that everybody is born with some sort of talent and learning is the process to harness the hidden talents and progress forward. We will provide our platform to connect talented teachers with students all over the world hungry for knowledge and learning material.

About Edexer

We are a group of individuals comprising of teachers and other professionals who want to help students all over Sri Lanka and beyond to achieve their educational goals and targets providing with quality learning material and talented teachers from all over the country and world. We believe that learning is a right, not a privilege and is the best way to move forward as a country and for the whole world.


Why students should use Edexer?

Students from anywhere the country can learn from any teachers available with us. It will help the students to choose the best. We allow students to rate teachers and their courses so that everybody can pre determine the quality of the course with the ratings even before enrolling. With the spread of covid-19 pandemic it has made it difficult to have regular classes and we provide our students the facility to easily learn from the comfort of their homes and not miss on any learning opportunities.

Why teachers should use Edexer?

We believe that there are plenty of people with various abilities and the talent to teach but don’t have a platform to use their abilities. We provide you the exact platform to use your teaching abilities. While helping students to reach their dreams you can develop your profile as a reputed teacher on our platform. Students can rate your talents and, in the process, can easily reach a global audience with your hard work and achieve your dreams faster with us.